What to Wear to a Yoga Class

When you begin practicing yoga, one thing that you must consider (and many people forget this step until it is too late) is what you will wear. Yoga is unlike most exercises in that you will find yourself in many different positions in a single routine. Therefore, you need clothing that will be comfortable and also will not create problems as you move in unconventional ways. Wearing the correct kind of clothing is especially important when you go to a yoga class. Fortunately, many clothing companies have a variety of products made for students practicing yoga, and other forms of fitness. Check out the yoga fashions by Lululemon, Gaiam, Athleta (Gap), you can also find yoga apparel on Amazon.com and Zappos.com

Choose yoga clothing that is comfortable for your body when you are moving. Clothing that is too tight may “ride up” and shift in uncomfortable ways as your limbs rub against one another, for example. You also want clothing that makes you feel good about your body-no matter what your shape or size, you don’t want to spend the entire class feeling self-conscious because you think your pants make you look fat. In all honesty, everyone is probably too engrossed in class to notice what you are wearing, but poor clothing can be a mental block and prevent you from learning and relaxing.

Poor clothing choices can also be embarrassing. Remember that yoga involves inverting your body in many cases. Clothing that is too loose can sag or fall, revealing excess amounts of your body. — I once wore a regular t-shirt to class, forgetting to tuck it in my pants. During plank and downward dog poses my entire torso was revealed to the person behind me, thank goodness I had my sports bra on.– Apparel errors can be embarrassing for you and makes others in the class uncomfortable. Clothing that is too tight can be stretched too far and rip during class. Tight clothing can also be too revealing if there are members of the opposite sex enrolled in your yoga class. Be respectful of those around you and stay covered as much as possible while still feeling comfortable.

Yoga is an exercise, and like all exercises, you will sweat. Take this into consideration when choosing the fabric that you want to wear. Some fabric absorbs sweat more readily than others do, allowing you to remain dry during your workout, at least to some extent. If your clothing is wet, it could be dangerous to attempt some positions, and the same is true if your clothing is too loose.

If you aren’t sure what clothing to wear, practice some of the basic and inverted positions at home in various outfits and choose the one that is most comfortable. Your teacher or an advanced student may also be able to offer advice. Yoga clothing is an important thing to consider when beginning a yoga class. 

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