Which Style of Yoga is Right for You?

 Which Style of Yoga is Right for You?

Whether you are a professional yogi or still stretching out your yoga muscles, there is a style of yoga out there that is right from. The question is: Which one? Below are the 5 styles of yoga most commonly practiced, and each has a specific purpose and benefits.

Which do YOU think is right for you?

Vinyasa – Vinyasa is one of the most common forms of yoga, emphasizing on the Sun Saluation. It is perfect for improving strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and  lessens the onset of varies diseases.
Hatha – For absolute beginners, there is no better yoga. It provides physical exercise, stress relief, and improved breathing. It focuses on basic techniques and poses, and it is very slow-paced.
Ashtanga – More fast-paced than most other forms of yoga, Ashtanga focuses on “eight limbs” and the improvement of one’s spiritual self, while releasing stress, building coordination and aiding in weight loss.
Iyengar – Comparable to Ashtanga, Iyengar focuses on the eight aspects of the body. However, Iyengar focuses on alignment, balance, and body strength.
Bikram – This is one of the most intense forms of yoga, as it is practiced in a room set to 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. “Hot yoga” is used to flush out toxins and to deeply stretch muscles for a recovering injuries, enhanced flexibility, and a cleansed body.

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