Yoga for Infertility

Every day, millions of couples in America and around the world struggle with infertility. Modern medicine is coming up with new ways to help would-be parents conceive, but there is still only about a 50% success rate, and many women will not consider methods unnatural to the body. You doctor may have suggested therapies that can increase your fertility, such as changing your diet. Another thing you can do if you are struggling to have a child is practice yoga.

Fertility depends on a number of factors. Poor diet, smoking, stress, and overworking your body can all lead to infertility. Yoga is a healthy kind of exercise, but it is also a way of life. Many yoga students give up unhealthy activities such as the use of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes and opt for a healthy vegetarian diet. Your doctor and yoga instructor can recommend changes in your life that will make a yoga routine more beneficial and, in turn, increase your chances of conception. This is true for both men and woman, so yoga can be done as a couple. Because attempting to get pregnant and failing can be stressful, it can take a toll on your marriage. Couple’s therapy is an option, but try simply spending more time together in a peaceful atmosphere-taking a yoga class together is a perfect option.

For women, certain poses can also increase strength of reproductive organs and help balance hormones. This is especially important for your fertility. Hormone deficiencies create an environment that is not conducive to bearing children and these deficiencies can also make you feel sick or tired. This may also be the case for men to some extent. Positions that you may wish to try include ones in which you are belly-down, bending your back, and stretching your hips. Use poses that focus on long-held postures and focus on your breath as well to help regulate your hormones and create inner peace.

Although most infertility problems occur in a relationship due to a woman’s body, it is important for men to practice yoga with their wives as well. Your doctor should be able to point you towards a couple’s class and give you more tips on how to live with a new healthy lifestyle. Communicate to your teacher why you are taking the class, because he or she may also be able to give you more fertility tips and, once you become pregnant, recommend prenatal yoga poses you can use to be sure that your baby stays as healthy as you are. 

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