Yoga Instructor Gaines Weight on Purpose

Yoga Mats (1)In Hollywood, it’s very common for actors and actresses to purposely gain weight for an upcoming movie role.

Last year, a personal trainer made headlines from gaining 70 pounds to better relate to his overweight clients.

Well now a yoga instructor has packed on the lbs to prove a point about overweight fitness instructors.

This experiment, which she thought would show her how to empower others to love their bodies turned out quite different. In her own words:

“The stories I made up about what people thought of me were changing and I was emotionally affected. Suddenly, my self-worth was proving to be connected to how good I looked wearing spandex—something I completely denied giving a shit about before this experiment—and that pissed me off. Guilt from eating foods I typically considered bad for me were constant companions in my thoughts. Shame did cameo appearances in my mind’s movie reel daily.”

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