Fit Engine’s App of the Day- Zumba Dance

FE Zumba Dance Android AppsFor $4.99, the Zumba Dance app helps you get into shape using a motion activated process that helps users through a dynamic dance workout.  Zumba® Dance claims to be the the first app with full routines that can provide feedback and encouragement.

The app can be used at home or while you’re on the go. Zumba instructors include Beto Perez and Gina Grant. The music will get you fired up and help teach you good technique with the digital Zumba instructors.

It comes packaged with a 20-minute workout which tracks information like technique improvement, calories burned and progress toward your fitness goals.

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(Pic from Android Apps)


Note: If you love dance, check out NYC10. Each show provides opportunities to 10 emerging dance companies to showcase their work (up to 10 minutes each) and receive feedback and reviews. (Read a review at

Upcoming Show2013 Season’s Finale on November 27

You can also visit for further information on NYC10 Dance Initiative.


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